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Consumer devices datashret principally for entertainment use, i. Package Type Number Light! Select from standard factory available types or design the suppressor to meet specific needs by paralleling cells. System requirements IflStl s[t O. Also offers sub- stantial improvement in offset current and voltage, and in frequency response.

Check with your local Motorola sales dataeheet or franchised distributor for current qualification status and availability.

And with this many device type numbers covering the small-signal transistor spectrum, it is apparent that the actual differences between some devices becomes quite small.

While not family related. The family will include technologies such as TRL and 2l, plus others that may be applicable. The A version has higher gain. These parameters are highlighted in the following selector guide and organized by package style to permit selection of the required specifications and package.


1N3821A,1N3821 thru 1N3830A,1N1199A,

Can dehuer load currents to t mA, for driving low impedance loads. Developed to suppress transients in the automotive system, this device operates in the forward mode as a standard rectifier or reverse mode as a power zener diode and will protect expensive mobile datwsheet, radios and tape decks from over-voltage conditions.

See Appli- cation Note AN for design details. To locate the exact page number, see Catalog IndexIPage These devices datashheet particularly useful in highly reliable systems using hybrid beam lead assembly techniques. Diode; Zener; Vr 5. The table is arranged in order of decreas- ing output frequency.

1N Datasheet PDF – Motorola => Freescale

Available in high reliability glass construction or economic plastic packaging. BVco f, la I. Shop Time Delay Relays.

Motorola offers its entire vast repertoire of discrete small-signal tran- sistors for multiple-device packaging. Silicon Planar, Small Signal. These device types are recommended for exact replacement only. Compactness, reliability and compati- bility with integrated circuits keynote light-emitting diode advantages – as well as perfect spectral matching in infrared IR units to silicon detectors.

The following devices are the most popular consumer amplifier transistors: Previous 1 2 3 4 5 Next Page 1 of Evaluation Module This complete board has all of the M family dovices for ease of parts evaluation. Its long history has made it among the most widely adtasheet unit in the indus- try.

  ISO 19117 PDF

1N Datasheet, PDF – Qdatasheet

AGC H3nge – 66 dB mm. The following characterized devices represent the best values and should receive primary consideration. Sufficient information to build the amplifier is provided.

BC BC 50 20 5.

Datasheet archive on 1-5-2018

For other devices, such as transistors, other important characteristics or suggested applications are specified in their particular section.

Both amplifier and mixer devices are included. Higher speeds, lower drive, more current output devices are al- ready beginning to make their appearance on the 11n3016.

TABLE 2 Theses devices are designed to use on applications where good Hpg linearity and low noise caracteristics are required: High Speed Static Static. Megalogic provides several design approaches to bipolar LSI.

Opan collectors or 2. More complete data on individual devices can be found on the data sheets.