The constructs, termed ‘medusoids’, were designed with computer simulations and experiments to match key determinants of jellyfish propulsion and feeding. Enter the era of synthetic physiology! Why not build a jellyfish from neonatal rat heart cells and some plastic? This is exactly what was accomplished in this study. jellyfish. This engineered jellyfish displays behavior such as propulsion and swimming when A tissue engineered jellyfish with biomimetic propulsion [1].

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Image of swimming muscle at junction between lappet and main body in a juvenile jellyfish.

CiteSeerX — A tissue-engineered jellyfish with biomimetic propulsion

Then, researchers could think about systems that could live in the human body for years at a time without having to worry about batteries because the system would be able to fend for itself. Comparison of real jellyfish and silicone-based Medusoid. Mechanics and mechanobiology of mesenchymal stem cell-based engineered cartilage. When the researchers set their creation free in an electrically conducting container of fluid and oscillated the voltage from zero volts to five, they shocked the Medusoid into swimming with synchronized contractions that mimic those of jellyfisb jellyfish.

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Complexity in biomaterials for tissue engineering. Nawroth and Dabiri would also like for the Medusoid to be able to go out and gather food on its own. Link to publication in Scopus.

Medusoid, A Tissue-Engineered Jellyfish with the Ability to Swim

Consider the following examples, but note that this is not an exhaustive list:. The combination of the bjomimetic design algorithm with quantitative benchmarks of physiological performance suggests that our strategy is broadly applicable to reverse engineering of muscular organs or simple life forms that pump to survive.


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Link to citation list in Scopus. The use of certain tools provided by this website is subject to additional Terms and Conditions. But the animal once was known as the Medusa, after the snake-haired mythological creature its tentacles resemble. Topics Discussed in This Paper. I am an author of this article.

Funding information This work was supported by: Classified as close Technical Advance 2. You are a close professional associate of any of the authors e. Jellyfish are believed to be the oldest multi-organ propulskon in the world, possibly existing on Earth for the past million years. Examples of ‘Non-Financial Competing Interests’ Within the past 4 years, you have held joint grants, published or collaborated with any of the authors of the selected paper.

In fact, the muscle cells started to contract a bit on tissue-engineereed own even before the electrical current was applied. From This Paper Figures, tables, and topics from this paper.

A tissue-engineered jellyfish with biomimetic propulsion

The similarities help reveal what you need to do to design jellygish bio-inspired pump. Please disclose any competing interests that might be construed to influence your judgment of the validity or importance of the article, or any recommendation or review. This entry form currently does not support special characters.

Neither of the above.

Medusoid, A Tissue-Engineered Jellyfish with the Ability to Swim

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The team at Harvard—with the help of Nawroth, who spent time on both campuses during the length of the project—fashioned the silicone polymer that makes up the body of tissud-engineered Medusoid into a thin membrane that resembles a small jellyfish, tissue-enigneered eight arm-like appendages.

Their design strategy, they say, will be broadly applicable to the reverse engineering of muscular organs in humans. After thoroughly studying jellyfish propulsion, including the arrangement of their muscles, how their bodies contract and recoil, and how fluid-dynamic effects tissue-enginewred or hinder their movements, a team of scientists tissue-engineered a jellyfish with biomimetic propulsion from chemically dissociated rat tissue and silicone polymer.

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