Mike Vanderboegh is the author of Absolved ( avg rating, 4 ratings, 1 review, published ). Absolved – The Squad – Rubicon Chapter 23, The Four Fingers of Death Chapter 24, Green. 1. Introduction to ‘Absolved’ by Mike Vanderboegh. “Cherish your. In July of , I spent a few days finding, indexing, and reformatting all the published chapters of Mike Vanderboegh’s book, Absolved. I made.

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The people now in charge are the 60’s brats except for Mike V of course who really started this hate America and all she stands for business. Promise security in exchange for temporarily suspending a few freedoms. I can only tell you that I am not bloodthirsty.

Other than some Night-and-Fog style disappearances, the government will do nothing major. We have been doing a lot of thinking about what we would do if we ever found ourselves in this situation, and after considerable thought we have decided we agree with Bill Clinton. Family problems caused him to cease maintenance of Sipsey Street IrregularsMike’s blog, in late September of In other words, our most vivid nightmares may have been utterly practical, helping to save our lives.

Walt Whitman lives again. That ain’t happenin’ and they know it. So, is “Absolved” finished?

>Vanderboegh: The Internet Introduction to “Absolved”

I’m new absplved the scene, but ran across another chapter that doesn’t seem to be in the “book index”, but exists on the web site: I made the chapter links, to the existing web pages from which I snarfed the text, available back then, but, knowing that Mike was working on publishing the book, I held back the reformatted book itself.

Events now rush at us like incoming artillery rounds. It gets me hooting and roaring every time I read it.

Then he kind of proves their point by using said stockpile to blow his entire neighborhood to hell while shooting wounded ATF agents in the head.

As archetypes of the useful dire warning, each dissected a specific possible failure mode, bringing it to the awareness of so many that, ironically, their particular type of debacle became much less likely. Now he’s gone and posted his inspirational novel, Absolvedonline.


In this, I am writing as much a cautionary tale for the out-of-control gun cops of the ATF as anyone. For me, it’s just a personal preference.

There is, I confess, more than a slight resemblance between us.

But for every page on the delicate social interactions of a fire team, you get a passage like this that manages to be so completely over-the-top in such a blissfully unironic way that all you can do is stand and gawp at it in wonder. The notion of a citizen with a gun, much less an active patriot with a gun, scares the crap out of a lot of people.

And if it’s treason, then it’s punishable by death. The thunderous cataclysm of a deadly falls? I have a son and two teenage daughters.

If he isn’t genuinely enthusiastic about his average constituent stuffing that weapon into a purse or pocket or tucking it under a coat and walking home without asking anybody’s permission, he’s a four-flusher, no matter what he claims. Indeed, the “self-preventing prophecy” may be the highest and most useful species in all of the vast, imaginative genus of speculative fiction.

My favorite is the opening chapter, The Battle of Sipsey Street. Matt thinks that Mike’s wife may eventually find the thumb drive containing the rest of the book, and may publish it, but encouraged me to make my copy available, so I have done that:.

Sipsey Street Irregulars: Absolved: Introduction

After I’m done, you may play the game of pin-the-caricature-on-the-real-jackass to your heart’s content and those who know me best will no doubt be able to pick out characters who I have patterned on them. Does anyone remember when the government started spying on it’s citizens without a warrant?

There’s a list of Mike’s chapter postings on his blog hereand an earlier chapter list from David Codrea here. Hopefully, Mike will actually finish the book soon, and we’ll be able to order it on dead trees. President Obama is begged to exercise temporary emergency powers to maintain order and keep America working.

  Hello World

Folks like Vanderboegh aren’t racists, other than holding a lot of unexamined assumptions about other countries and possessing a particularly insensitive kneejerk veneration of rebels, even ones who owned slaves.

This entry was posted in Uncategorized. Neil Smith Based on journal articles, 99 books, 43 government publications, and some of its own empirical work, the panel couldn’t identify a single gun control regulation that reduced violent crime, suicide or accidents. Is this on purpose of just a busted link deal.

Everyone will read the self-preventing cautionary tale. Door Into Summer on December 28, Just listen to the poetry in this passage about the effect eating military-issue Meals Ready to Eat has on the human body:.

Remember that we consider our rights merely codified by the Constitution.

But more than that, no matter how many “hate maps” the Southern Poverty Law Center ganderboegh, these guys are nerds, not threats to society. Neil Smith Reread that pesky first clause of the Second Amendment. What are we to make of such caution if that would indeed be the outcome?

And if he doesn’t trust you, then why in the name of John Moses Browning should you trust him? And you grip that seat even tighter, and the only thing that you can think about while you groan and grit your teeth and the vajderboegh pours from you is that vanderborgh was once upon a time when your ass did not hurt that much. The media says that Vanderboegh is an ex-militia nut, but I say he’s an ex-militia nut Way too preachy for my taste. This is truly marital bliss, militia-style.

The Mental Militia Forums

And of course, will not fulfill either promise. The lust to control the lives and property of others is the root of all evil. Writing about this subject actually depresses me. The real me is not half as interesting as Kraut.