Against Eunomius: St. Basil the Great: Works and legacy: Against Eunomius defends the deity of the Son against an extreme Arian thinker, and On the Holy Spirit. Book Review / Against Eunomius. Against Eunomius. St. Basil of Caesarea. Translated by Mark DelCogliano and Andrew Radde-Gallwitz. Washington, D.C.: . The bulk of this chapter deals with the issue of divine relationality in the two treatises mentioned in the chapter title. As corollaries to this, I also study what I call.

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Return to Book Page. Classical, Early, and Medieval Prose and Writers: Eunomius displays much folly and fine writing, but very little seriousness about vital points. He who asserts that the Father is ‘prior’ to the Son with any thought of an interval must perforce allow that even the Father is not without beginning. There is no Word of God that commands such investigations: University Press Scholarship Online. Thereafter he shows that there are not two Christs or two Lords, but one Christ and one Lord, and that the Divine nature, after mingling with the Human, preserved the properties of each nature without confusion, and declares that the operations are, by reason of the union, predicated of the two natures in common, in the eunomlus that the Lord took upon Himself the sufferings of eunokius servant, and the humanity is glorified with Him in the honour that is the Lord’s, and that by the power of the Divine Nature that is made anew, conformably with that Divine Nature Itself.

The second book declares ayainst Incarnation of God the Word, and the faith delivered by the Lord to His disciples, and asserts that the heretics who endeavour to overthrow this faith and devise other additional names are of eunomiius father the devil.

They attempted to establish Christian philosophy as superior to Greek philosophy. Public users can however freely search the site and view the abstracts and keywords for each book and chapter.


He next skilfully confutes the partial, empty and blasphemous statement of Eunomius on the subject of the absolutely existent. Why man appeared last, after the creation. The sixth book shows that He Who came for man’s salvation was not a mere man, eunomiuw Eunomius, falsely slandering him, affirmed that the great Basil had said, but the Only-begotten Son againsg God, putting on human flesh, and becoming a mediator between God and man, on Whom we believe, as subject to suffering in the flesh, but impassible in His Godhead; and demonstrates the calumny of Eunomius.

Against Eunomius by Gregory of Nyssa

He further shows the operations of God to be expressed by human illustrations; for what hands and feet and the other parts of the body with which men work are, that, in the case of God, the will alone is, in place of these.

Search my Subject Specializations: Then he again mentions S. In his concept of divine relations, Gregory of Nyssa does not differ significantly from such patristic predecessors as the Alexandrian theologians Origen, Dionysius, Alexander, Athanasius or his brother, Basil of Caesarea. It agaijst shewn that the Holy Spirit is of an equal, not inferior, rank to the Father and the Son.

Eunomius of Cyzicus

Books by Gregory of Nyssa. Please, subscribe or login to access full text content. The ninth book declares that Eunomius’ account of the Nature of God is, up to a certain point, well stated.

Several ways of controverting his quibbling syllogisms. He further shows that the pretemporal generation of the Son is not the subject of influences drawn from ordinary and carnal generation, but is without beginning and without end, and not according to the fabrications constructed by Eunomius, in ignorance of His power, from the statements of Plato concerning the soul and from the sabbath rest of the Hebrews.

Gregory to his brother Peter, Bishop of Sebasteia. Nathan Wallis marked it as to-read Nov 28, On the recommendation of Eudoxius, Eunomius was appointed bishop of Cyzicus in Gregory proceeds to discuss the relative force of the unnameable name of the Holy Trinity and the mutual relation of the Persons, and moreover the unknowable character of the essence, and the condescension on His part towards us, His generation of the Virgin, and His second coming, the resurrection from the dead and future retribution.


Eunomius of Cyzicus – Wikipedia

He was a younger brother of Basil the Great and a good friend of Gregory Nazianzus. Open Preview See a Problem? After much discourse concerning the actually existent, and ungenerate and good, and upon the eunojius of the heavenly powers, showing the uncharted character of their essence, yet the difference of their ranks, he ends the book. To Adelphius the Lawyer. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

The sophistry which he employs to prove our acknowledgment that he had been tried, and that the confession of his faith had not been unimpeached, is feeble.

His writings were held in high reputation by his eunomiuw and their influence was so much dreaded by the orthodox, that several imperial edicts were issued for their destruction. Michael Jones is currently reading it May 11, The tenth book discusses the unattainable and incomprehensible character of the enquiry into entities.

He declares falsely that ‘the manner of the generation is to be known from the intrinsic worth of the generator’. Thereafter he discusses the divergence of names and of things, speaking, of that which is ungenerate as without a cause, and of that which is non-existent, as the Scindapsus, Minotaur, Blityri, Cyclops, Scylla, which never were generated at all, and shows that things which are essentially different, are mutually destructive, as fire of water, and the rest in their several relations.