Arta conversaţiei civilizate: ghid de exprimare elegantă by Margaret Shepherd( Book) 1 edition published in in Romanian and held by 2 WorldCat. Academia de engleza: Ghid de conversatie Sherlock Holmes. reptilianul din mine (Cartea a Arta meditativa a Aromoterapia feng Cele opt pacate capitale ale omenirii civilizate. in limba latina. cu o Mita dragoste pentru literaturA §1 arta% Se punea Se §tie cd limba de conversatie a tuturor cArturarilor romani calvini din in pile civilizate unele forme ale ei au intrat in domeniul legendei. in proportii mai.

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The author illustrates how enriching communication can be and how important it is to treat everyone with respect. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Jun 10, Blanca rated it liked it Recommends it for: Beyond that, this book presents valuable tips for conversation as well as new approaches to situations you may convwrsatiei to have mastered. It also includes handy little sidebars on the various kinds of difficult conversational personalities, such as the bore, the gossip, the jerk, etc. I’m glad you don’t have a GoodReads account!

Cobuz, Adina [WorldCat Identities]

Dec 22, Ariane rated it it was ok. I’m sure somewhere these examples apply to someone. And, while the information is valuable and the narration excellent, it is hard to take in large doses.

I talk a lot but not as much civilizzate she – and the other friend is a fount of information but also ceaselessly talks. It’s more of a reference book than a good read, though.

civiliztae It is hard to go back and forth in an audiobook which I think is an issue, in general, with non-fiction in this format. I tried to employ some of the techniques in my bookclub meeting the other day. For me – this book was very interesting because it identifies bad habits – such as talking too much and not listening, but other traits as well.


Oct 02, A. I felt there were a few too many personality squelching no-nos; I would fear being a bit of a robot if I took her instruction to much to heart. This is not quite as good as Dale Carnegie or Miss Manners although it’s basically the offspring of their philosophiesbut very useful, concise, and to the point.

Even when I point this out to her – it doesn’t sink in that ckvilizate talking and NOT listening. That always distracts me from the subject. So many conversations came to mind while reading this, mainly others who were attentive to me or where I made a solid connection.

The book also offers excellent advice on introductions, topics, addressing bad habits like nosy, conversaiei people or bores. I really liked the quality of her narration. I liked the section on how to have conversations with people with disabilities and the section on how to speak with people of different ages.

There are examples used which were very weird and outdated. Feb 26, Jenn “JR” rated it it was amazing Shelves: The author does offer some clever advice for coming up with conversation starters: The book is basic, but that is what I was looking for Nov 28, Louis rated it liked it.

Nothing I didn’t already know, but an excellent review of the basics. I read this book a little over a year ago, and at the time I read it, I really looked forward to putting some of these skills to use in the real world. As Robert Louis Stevenson said, “The most important art is to omit”; the key to being a master conversationalist is to listen at least as much as you talk.


The Art of Civilized Conversation: A Guide to Expressing Yourself with Style and Grace

Good conversation also opens doors to a happier love life, warmer friendships, and more rewarding time with family. Especially pertinent for career advice, coaching, social networking and even dating.

Conversaiei the first to ask a question about The Art of Civilized Conversation. In our fast-paced, electronic society, the most fivilizate social interaction–talking face-to-face–can be a challenge for even the most educated and self-assured ind For those intimidated by the complexity of personal interaction, or those simply looking to polish their speaking skills, The Art of Civilized Conversation is a powerful guide to communicating in an endearing way.

From the basics–first impressions, appropriate subject matter, and graceful exits–to finding the right words for difficult situations and an insightful discussion of body language, Shepherd uses her skilled eye and humorous anecdotes to teach readers how to turn a plain conversation into an engaging encounter. Anyone not raised by apes should already have enough couth to realize what this book is advocating.

I’ll admit I’m a sucker for etiquette books with nice covers.

For those intimidated by the complexity of personal interaction, or those simply looking to polish their speaking skills, The Art of Civilized Conversation is a powerful guide to communicating in an endearing way.

Conversatiek, helpful advice for the conversationally awkward. One of my resolutions this year was to be better at conversation: