Yoursavedplansarelocatedin”MyPictures\BackyardEOS\Plans\”folderbydefault. Load Loadapreviouslysavedcaptureplan. Save Savethecaptureplan. BackYard EOS – how to connect camera & computer – posted in DSLR A PDF Manual for Back Yard EOS would be highly appreciated. Don’t you need to manually focus the star by adjusting the focus rack BackyardEOS doesn’t focus the camera,you have to do that using the.

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Yes it does oily.

SettingaPausevalueofafewseconds,sayfive 5 seconds,allowsyourto adjustfocusonyourfocuserbeforethenextfocussnapimageistake. Stick with it thoughthe journey is a longslow one but eventually everything will start to become second nature and soon you’ll be wondering what all the fuss was about Congratulations on your new auto guiding set up, you deserve it.

The developer clearly had the backyard astrophotography in mind when designing this software. Program your image capture plan and walk away. HistogramandScreenStretchArea Theimagehistogramprovidesagraphicalrepresentationofthedistributionofpixelvaluesinthecurrent image,whilethescreenstretchadjustmentgraph[Premium]providestheabilitytoadjustthebrightness andcontrastofthedisplayedimage.

Backyardeos – Getting Started With Imaging – Stargazers Lounge

I sometimes found it would go down to the 20’s and back up to the 50’s without touching anything. There is no better way to learn a new imaging application than to put it to use for a night of deep sky imaging.

So for camera control you would recomend this APT? Posted December 22, Continued use of SGL indicates your acceptance of our cookie policy.

Backyard allows control of your DSLR camera and deep sky long exposure images all night long. You, or anyone with the link, can use it to retrieve your Cart at any time.


Running a DSLR in warm weather without any cooling can create a lot of noise in your astro image. I hope you will continue this for many years to come. I feel confident investing time learning a new software application that is flexible enough to any future upgrades I make to my camera backyagdeos.

If you have any experience using APT and have something to add, please let me know on Facebook. Upgrade shipping Wrong item shipped Cancel order Other. Or sign in with one of these services. I managed to successfully shoot lights, darks, bias, and flats my very first night using APT. I bought a telescope to enjoy it not give myself a constant headache and an empty bank account.

Applications like APT will make you a better photographer, by structuring your image events. I think you need to use a star to focus on. Here’s a couple I just took bcakyardeos BYE. Have a look at this Shopping Cart sent by a friend via Tether Tools. Have you read the manual? This highly acclaimed software is in use all around the world by thousands of users.

From my very first imaging sequence, I knew I was going to like this application. Thepurposeistofacilitateframingasecondsession orpostmeridianflip exactlyasyouroriginal sessionwas.

BackyardEOS & BackyardNIKON

Luckily, APT backyarxeos creates small. The information from your tutorials and reviews has helped me to bring my love of astronomy, and my new found passion for astrophotography, to a much higher level than I ever hoped to achieve this soon.

Delay optional SettheDelayvalue inseconds whichwillbeusedtodelaythestartofthecaptureplanonceyoupress theStartCapturebutton. The information bac,yardeos share is insightful and your delivery is easy to understand. So you might say that the APT had a role in inspiring future astro imaging tools. You have duplicated a sentence in the above,text thought it worth pointing out so you can correct.


I found Sequence Generator Pro a bit daunting to use at first. Or sign in with one of these services Sign in with Facebook.

BackyardEOS User Guide |

Hi James — congrats on the camera, great choice! Sign in Already have an account? Im Struggling with the following This prevents thermal shock to the camera, and I had no idea about this issue until using the cooling aid in APT! Not only could I run a series of events, but it had astrophotography specific tools for focusing and framing my object, and a lot more. Ive got it outside now pointing at a star and the focus is ranging from 20’s to 50’s without toutching anything??

Someone with a better memory or can run it up may be able to give more details. Pause optional Usethisfieldifyouwantapause inseconds betweenlooprecordings. Just been out and starting to get manuql hang of it. I know that the developer plans on adding support for Nikon cameras soon. Finally, Astro Photography Tool has backyardeps my imaging laptop screen, and I am happy to report backyxrdeos it appears as though I saved the best for last.

Technical Support I already have Tether Tools gear and need help. ZoomtoFit default TheZoomtoFitwillresizetheimagetoensureitallfitsnicelyintheallocatedareaintheuser interface. Register a new account.

Send Cart in an Email Done! Posted December 22, edited.