The Caberg Justissimo has been in production probably longer than any other motorcycle helmet. It’s approaching a ten year anniversary and. All Caberg Styles. Axel · Downtown S · Drift · Drift Evo · Droid · Duke · Duke II · Ego · Freedom · Freeride · Ghost · Hyper X · Jet Century · Jet Sintesi · Justissimo. Användar manual Justissimo GT (PDF)» is PDF file with helmet visor of £30 for visor, on ebay last week £75 for brand new caberg helmet!).

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We suspect that had the Justissimo been designed more recently, the system would be much simpler and with fewer parts. As a result, the Justissimo GT has average to better-than-average vertical visibility and about average in the horizontal plane. The helmet has justissiko solid feel — especially so for a flip-up. I love the flip face helmet.

Caberg Duke Review – webBikeWorld

Evaluators wear correctly manuzl, high quality ear plugs even when evaluating motorcycle intercom systems. Unfortunately for me, Nolan made the N a bit more narrow. After years of use the release mechanism works as well as the first day I ever used it, drop down visor works perfectly and to this day does not have a scratch on it.

I do believe it has enough ventilation for I have gone out on a day that it should have fogged up and it did not, but time will tell.

Caberg Duke Review

An extra-thick foam and fabric lining covers each ear pocket, and the EPS liner is shaped to fit speakers. This level of finish is rare on a flip-up or indeed, on any helmet in this price range. The sun visor mechanism uses the friction method and is not spring-loaded.


Thanks Guys and girls Neil. So what benefits are you buying? Feasty World Chat Champion Joined: I have judtissimo but the visor is a bit scuffed now. The padding is not as thick as some helmets but something about the internal shape makes the Duke feel right at home and very comfortable on my head.

The face shield completely covers the eye port and up over the top of the eye port gasket on to the first few millimeters of the helmet shell.

This is borne out when riding — the Duke feels lighter than average and that has been confirmed on the scale. Push back on the cover and it moves towards the rear of the helmet, opening a V-shaped channel on either side.

The helmet has convenient elastic straps in the ear pocket to hold speakers, so installation was about 10 seconds per ear. My experience is that the chin guard vents are totally useless for maintaining a clear visor.

And the shell was easy to install the side clamp for the unit itself. G The Voice of Reason Joined: It also has some reflective material swen in along the rear. Read the Terms and Juztissimo

A couple of noted items you made comments about and I did not pick up on it until about four hours into a ride — the padding on the front face about the edge msnual my forehead and hair line meet could use a bit more padding. Find A Product Search for: By and large I find myself concurring with most of what you have written, especially regarding the value for money and the jusyissimo, although a query I emailed to Caberg about the pricing as advertised in a motorcycling magazine has still to be answered by them!!


The entire assembly is highlighted by a very nice brushed metal surround, which accents the tapered chin area and gives the helmet a posh look. When I finally came to terms with the fact I had to replace cabfrg inI looked at a lot of helmets.

I very much appreciated your review, which helped me decide on the Duke.

The finish is superb, with perfectly applied graphics and not even a micron of orange peel or any other imperfections. Especially for the Legend in hi-viz; I love the contrast. Its stylish good looks, solid construction and feature set make the Justissimo GT a leader in its price range. To release it, you must snap the slider all the way back into its detent, which will release the visor so you can close the helmet.

Caberg Justissimo GT Review

Extra Large Motorcycle Helmets. That it still can outperform just about any flip-up I can think of anywhere near its price speaks volumes about the excellent basic design.

Removing the sun visor is something else though, right pain!