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The light below the Green Key is You have one of the following problems: Compass Location When choosing a location for the Compass, try to locate it as close as possible to the most stable spot on your boat. These clmnav shred and enter the steering system fluid. Your boat will steer towards the Waypoint, using the information from the Nav device and from the Compass.

You will see several places where the plastic has been formed so that a hole may be easily drilled. The holes are marked by numbers on the top surface of the arm. Each Rudder Response setting controls the steering in a very different 1406. Notices sent by facsimile will be deemed to be received by ComNav on the date of transmission with appropriate answerback confirmation. Should the Purchaser require that the Equipment be returned by a faster method, the costs incurred by the expedient delivery will be pre-paid by the Purchaser; No refund of the purchase price for the Equipment will be made to the Purchaser unless ComNav is unable to remedy the defect after having a reasonable number of opportunities to do so.

Wiring comnaav for connecting to 4 and 5 wire motors and solenoid valves are in the appendixes. Only one of the Control Heads can operate the autopilot at any time. Screw the nut onto the threaded rod at the end of the Outboard Feedback.

The fuse is located on the top left hand corner of the board. These might get the best steering performance by using only the Slow Speed Rudder Response setting for all speeds.


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The Autopilot detected an error in its memory and then erased the defective memory. So, if you ever do need to replace this fuse, re-check your power supply wiring for correct polarity. The Autopilot has tried to move the rudder but it has not detected any rudder movement.

To replace the fuse: Refer to the Problems during the Setup Routine section, page Press the Speed Key The autopilot will now begin to make a number of rudder movements. There is no information from the Compass. Next, turn to the section on Installing the Rudder Drive page If there are any problems, fix them now. All information must be confirmed directly by the seller.

If the Equipment, or any part thereof, proves to be defective within the relevant warranty period, the Purchaser shall do the following: See page 38 for navigation connection instructions. Also see the Problem Solving section page Make sure that it is sending information in the correct NMEA format. Do not install your Compass near wires or devices carrying large electric currents such as battery chargers, electric pumps and motors or televisions. The fuse is faulty and must be replaced — See page Position yourself so that you can see your hydraulic steering cylinder while operating the Control Head.

After you refill the system and during the Autopilot Setup Routine, your autopilot can be used for bleeding any trapped air. You have a Two Line system if you do not have the above components in your system. Measure the approximate diameter of your rudder post in inches. Leaking fittings or equipment If the oil level continues to go down, even after a few weeks when all the residual air should have it been expelledit may be an indication of leakage in your steering system.

The green wire must be wired to the ground point see Grounding, next. This part always comes with: The Autopilot has switched out The navigation device has stopped sending information to of Nav function and back to Pilot the Autopilot. First, the gland for this input must be mounted on the end cap. Do not reuse any oil reclaimed from your system. If the helm pump is a Capilano Model or made by Teleflexor there is a Uniflow valve mounted close to the steering cylinder, you definitely have a Three Line system.


The vessel will turn to Starboard or Portand continue to turn until the key is released — whereupon it will turn back the other way, until you are back on Course3. Residual air in your steering system Some residual air may remain suspended in the hydraulic fluid. If you are using a Reversing Pump, let the Autopilot drive the Reversing Pump until it nearly stops after the rod reaches the end of its travel.

It does not matter which pump port is connected to which steering line. However, another way to make a large course change is to turn off the Autopilot, and then use the steering wheel to set the new Course. The arrow must point in the same direction as the bow of your 14460.

COMNAV 1460 Manuals

When removed from the Clip, it can be used as a portable unit. If you comnnav find the problem, have the Autopilot serviced as soon as possible.

Extend the rod as far as it will travel in the other direction. Slowly turn the boat in as small a circle as possible. Put your tools and other magnetic objects in storage places away from the Fluxgate Compass.

Contamination introduced into the steering system fluid can cause steering components to malfunction, possibly resulting in a loss of steering. Caution Carefully watch the Linkage while you move the rudder through its full range of motion. When tightening fittings into the pump lock valve, hold the lock valve, not the motor.