For Disgaea DS on the DS, FAQ/Walkthrough by atomaster. Disgaea Compilation Strategy Guide (DS, PSP, PS2) [Double Jump] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This is a compilation guide for. Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness – The Official Strategy Guide by Double Jump ( ) Paperback [Double Disgaea Compilation Strategy Guide (DS, PSP, PS2 ).

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Disgaea .pdf Strategy Guide!! | IGN Boards

The above note about transmigration has an exception – every few levels with a new character class will unlock a better version of that character class. You’ll see some more guids of your father, the king. Then kill the Imps and the Gremlin carefully. To power up an item, you must defeat the Residents known as “Specialists” and have them submit to you.

May I have the pendant? So what do you wish to strstegy The panels will be turned to the colour of the symbol you destroyed. One of ’em gave you medicine? A “cleric” might be useful for healing, while a “Warrior” or “Brawler” might come in handy when attacking.

Make sure it is full before summoning the Dark Assembly Based on this, try seeing if you can bribe the highest level senators in the room Senators “remember” past bribes and will tend to be more favourable in subsequent votes, although there’s still a bit of random luck involved Different requests also have a shrategy range of possible votes – things that benefit Dark Assembly members tend to have a higher “leaning yes” or above guice than trying to raise HL from them Much later in the game, once you defeat a specific boss that threatens the whole underworld, the senators will love you no matter what.


Eat, Sleep, and do anything you want all day Fighting a negative vote.

Walkthroughs for Disgaea DS

Still, this demon den is so filthy That has to be it! Who cares about the birds Doesn’t anyone in Celestia read the newspaper? So take your best characters to kill the ghost. Well, what do you want? They have the power of Geo Panels.

Disgaea .pdf Strategy Guide!!

Then end your turn. Why would another angel be here? In addition, you can return to dlsgaea you left off at a later date. So you have to only complete, Geo effects and the Vyers castle. Etna joined your party! Here you can create characters as well as submit proposals.

SieghartXx Apr 5, 4: Are all demons like this? Oh, don’t be so self-centered. Also take care of the isolated zombie on the left. guiide

Disgaea DS FAQ/Walkthrough for DS by atomaster – GameFAQs

I wasn’t supposed to say that. Its “NOT” absolutely necessary We don’t have much choice, guidee we? Nullifying all the panels is for experts who understand the concept of Geo Effects completely, and you’re not one of them.


There is no such thing as absolute evil or absolute good.

Are you not sad? However, most of the controls are still available through the remainder of the buttons.

Well, that doesn’t explain anything.

You can earn prizes based on the total HP and SP recovered, so please go get thrased in battle. For example, tutorial is area 0, next one is 1, and so on. You also received Sttategy Master Lamington, are you here!? Make sure that your weak characters are not nearer to the archers.

There is or used to be a complicated method to min max all your characters using transmigration. If they really don’t feel love Master Etna ran away. Is she really an assassin? If you believe your item has been removed by mistake, please contact Steam Support. Your characters can level in this stage. Talk stratety Pleinair and select Summon Assembly.