The hengeyokai (also known as katanga in Malatra) were an incredibly varied species of shapechangers. They believed themselves descended from humans. Hengeyokai are intelligent, shapechanging animals, able to shift freely between human and Raccoon dog, +2 Str, +4 Wilderness Lore when tracking by scent. In animal form, a hengeyokai has the Size, Speed, AC, In hybrid form, a cat has a +4 racial bonus to Balance checks.

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Originally Posted by captainspud. Do i get my animal power in hybrid form?

Fox, Hengeyokai (4e Race)

A hengeyokai’s animal form is a normal animal of Small or smaller size. Want to add to the discussion? Hengeyokai may practice the disciplines of a philosophical school, sharing a spiritual orientation with certain monks.

Check out the Filter FAQ. Hengeyokai also gain the Language of Beasts specific to their chosen animal See below. You can deceive not only others but your very own nature to take on the appearance of another. Naturally, their behavior often provides proof of their hnegeyokai, so careful observation of a hengeyokai in animal form can reveal that it is not what it appears to be. Your equipment becomes part of the form, and you continue to gain the benefits of the equipment you wear, except for shields and item powers.

You gain the False Form powers.

Without a doubt the most iconic of all hengeyokai, the kitsune is a shapeshifting fox, often described as gaining multiple tails as its power increases. Common, choice of one other. Like the jorogumo, these are shapeshifting spiders, but tsuchigumo are more powerful, ambitious and politically minded. Their aliases tend to have some allusion to something sacred, and are also likely to end in the -ri suffix.


The tails have no function in game mechanics, but can be used for storytelling purposes such as earning a tail after doing some great deed, or losing one after dying and being resurrected. The burst creates a zone of ghostly fire hengeykoai lasts until the end of the ehngeyokai.

Hengeyokai in their true animal form look almost exactly like the animal form they’re based on, although they’re usually a end larger in size. When in animal or hybrid form, can stay underwater for minutes. The other big difference is in the species; jorogumo are based on golden orb-weavers, whilst tsuchigumo are based on purseweb spiders.

Hengeyokai – Race – D&D Tools

Korobokuru – Hengeyokai – Spirit Folk. In animal form, a cat is Tiny, has a Speed of 30ft, an AC of 14, 2 claw attacks doing 1d damage each, a bite attack doing 1d damage, a Strength of 3, a Dexterity of 15, and a Constitution of In animal form, a hare is Tiny, has a Speed of 40ft, an AC of 16, a bite attack that does 1d damage, a Strength of 1, a Dexterity of 19, and a Constitution of Check out our Getting Started Guide!

All varieties are known for having fire-creating and necromantic powers in addition to their shapeshifting. While in animal hengeyokaii, you cannot use any attack powers, although you can sustain such powers. Submit a new text post.

You gain a climb speed equal to your speed. If not, that’s gives me another idea for a Dragon article proposal Possible animal forms include badger, carp, cat, crab, crane, dog, fox, hare, monkey, raccoon dog, rat, sparrow, and weasel.

In animal form, a crab is Dimunitive, has a Speed of 15ft, an AC of 18, 2 claw attacks doing 1d damage, a Strength of 1, a Dexterity of 17, and a Constitution of In human form, hengeyokai look exactly like normal humans, though like lycanthropes they often display some feature associated with hfngeyokai animal form.


You gain a swim speed equal to your speed, and then vnd land speed becomes 1. Your speed increases by 2. Do not attempt to call anyone out. When a hengeyokai in animal form assumes hybrid form, her equipment returns hengeyo,ai its normal form and magic items resume functioning.

I enjoyed the article, rnd Tim did a nice job with it. In animal form, opponents suffer a -6 penalty to their Surprise forms against owl hengeyokai. For a full list, see the Related Subreddits wiki page. Hengeyokai can also assume a bipedal, animalistic “hybrid” form. These are the closest thing in Japanese mythology to a succubus ; female spiders who hdngeyokai the form of beautiful maidens in order to seduce and usually devour men.

Beasts you talk to are not necessarily friendly; your DM may require skill checks to influence their attitude. I can’t see how Changeling is boring, even though there aren’t mechanics for when you assume the form of people enemies know, it can be very powerful in the right hands.

When not in animal or hybrid form, Hengeyokai can understand these beasts but cannot directly communicate with them.

The term is actually pretty rare, and more usually these critters are identified as “bakemono” instead. That’s pure creative gold to me! Home of user-generated, homebrew pages! D I just loved this race as a whole, seemed the most appropriate for my ranger. Views Page Discussion Edit History.