GOETHE, Johann Wolfgang, Maxime şi reflecţii, în româneşte de Gheorghe GUÉNON, René, Domnia cantităţii şi semnele vremurilor, traducere de Florin. Efectele Televizorului Asupra Mintii Copilului. Uploaded by. zor_sv. Rene Guenon – Domnia Cantitatii Si Semnele Uploaded by. Artaud, Antonin, Teatrul şi dublul său, Cluj-Napoca, Editura Echinox, Guénon, René, Domnia cantităţii şi semnele vremurilor, Bucureşti, Editura.

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Curtea Veche, b. Some of them have been translated, but too late to fit in the context of the time. In our capacity as initiates, it is important to understand a simple thing: However, Eliade’s ideas are not consonant with this kind of interpretation, especially the kantian one, as he noted in srmnele Memories, that the declined Camil Petrescu’s proposal to write a phenomenology of art, so do not squander his talent with exotic interpretations.

His approach was simultaneously diachronic and synchronic, a feature of the hermeneutic method, and not an exclusively synchronic one, reductionistic and limited to the polemics aroused from nebula of modern art.

Index Translationum

The contents of this study will be structured by the following points: Istoric ai religiilor [Mircea Eliade. Thus, they are relatively known, the elements of Chinese alchemy dating from about years ago, or cantitwtii ones of Sumerian or Indian alchemy.

Request removal from index. In the background of the existence of a broad spectrum of interpretations and theories, we find ourselves, however, at a critical juncture, evidenced in a pregnant manner by the fact that, even as the debates increase in amplitude and nuance, in the profane environment, the term is almost non-existent.

Under this aspect becomes relevant to invoke Eliade’s ideas on art and putting them into agreement or disagreement with contemporary reflection on the subject. From this perspective, art is understood as a work of creative and spiritual phenomenon, with a metaphysical foundation. A key contribution is due to Immanuel Kant, in Critique of Judgment Practically, the year mentioned above represents the moment when, through an act of free will expressed by four Lodges, the United Grand Lodge of England came into being.


AHILE VERESCU: Alchemy and Masonry – Masonic Forum Magazine

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Mircea Eliade and Art as a Spiritual Experience: L, the Royal Art, the Great Work, the four primordial elements learned in the apprentice lesson etc. Spender – – Philosophy 17 The second issue is that some of the essays have appeared in the last volume published by Eliade during his life, Briser le toit de la maison.

The stone carvers were keeping an archaic form of companionship and a traditional ritual with numerous references to the sacred and to the becoming of man, his apotheosis, a mysterious process which imposes that it be undertaken so long as the aspirer is still alive, therefore, while he has not definitively abandoned the world in which he has lived.

But who actually founded modern Masonry in ? The phrase above dates fromwhen Eliade has not yet theorized the human type represented by homo religiosus with all characteristic mental representations. Thus, it is almost unanimously accepted that alchemy is: We know today that these Lodges of operative workers had, in their composition, only apprentices and fellowcrafts, the only master being the worshipful who led a fellowcraft Lodge.

Jean-Marc Vivenza – – Mercure Dauphinois. Okay, thanks Cookies policy.

About Hiram only two lines are written in the Bible and from this nothing such an extraordinary legend was born, which is as powerful as that of Osiris or that of Jesus. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. The symbolism of the most impressive Buddhist temple leads to highlighting of some fundamental features of the artwork in traditional cultures: Perhaps the graft added to the parent-stock is the alchemy itself of which we were talking at the beginning of vremurikor article.


His approach is a constructive one also because it seeks the amplification of experience, both in what concerns the creator and one that will contemplate the work of art, in one way or another.

A Sufi Master’s Message: In Memoriam Rene Guenon

These masons had also a special symbolism[7] and then, as signs of recognition, passwords and secrets. The operative Masonry, of the Middle Ages, was that which carved assiduously the stone and built the cathedrals of the Occident, it was very close to the erudite and enlightened monks and, of course, had a form of its own, and enciphered, of profound, traditional sacralization.

With all these inherent difficulties, a few theses can nevertheless be mentioned that enjoy a more consistent support on the part of the connoisseurs, in what regard this mysterious and exciting domain. If you continue to use this site you agree with our Cookies Policy. Argument November 13th, Of course, all these were intertwined with the secrets of the guild and with a certain interpretation of some specific tools[8].

There was an entire atmosphere of chiaroscuro around this myth. All the allegories, the metaphors which we today decipher in Masonry[9] canntitatii to have been taken over from the alchemists.