By utilizing over years of its experiences in polyurethane elastomers processing, ZPTS Poliuretany has expanded its business profile by offering the following. ELASTOMERY POLIURETANOWE. 99 subscribers. Subscribe. ABOUT. UPLOADS. ELASTOMERY POLIURETANOWE. 99 subscribers 70, views Joined. PL, W artykule przedstawiono możliwości wykorzystania tworzyw poliuretanowych w elementach maszyn I urządzeń roboczych stosowanych w górnictwie.

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Polyurethane shock absorbing elements – sleeves and rollers – springs – silentblocks – press fenders – vibrators – dampers. By utilizing over years of its experiences in polyurethane elastomers processing, ZPTS Poliuretany has expanded its business profile by offering the following polyurethane systems: A castable polyurethane elastomer with increased tear resistance and low-level firmness. Such broad range of MILPUR systems allows its users to optimize properties of elastomers so that they best suit the specific application.

Standard color is gray. Chemical properties of polyurethane elastomers: Combination of their strength and flexibility with the ability to create seamless coatings becomes particularly useful if used as waterproofing. Due to their wide range of applications, PU elastomers are relatively small in terms of volume but very important group of polyurethanes.

Polyurethane systems

Such very good characteristics will give long durability in the open air work as the summary effecy. Can be applied as the Pure-Elastomer A 45, but differs in its degree of firmness.

The overall length of the conveyors transport system in the particular brown coal open pit is over km. Thanks to their properties, they can be used not only as substitutes for rubber products. May be applied like the RECK-o-lan, but has a higher degree of firmness.

We are also manufacturing custom linings for rollers and cylinders, with specifications exceeding the above-mentioned values. Because of the intermediate pourying points between belt conveyors tansport systems – the belt conveyors are working in the strong dynamical loads.


Producent systemów poliuretanowych. Elastomery, pur, poliuretan

Polyurethane elastomers in the belt conveyor routes elements. Flexible, abrasion-resistant polyurethane linings – curtains – strips – plates – seals and other products, which utilize properties of this plastic. In the Polish brown coal open pits the dumping method is through rubber rings on the all runners.

The polyurethane is strong in the griding resistance, oxygen and light resistant. With its ability to adjust product properties by appropriate raw material selection, thanks to proper technology and processes and use of dedicated equipment, ZPTS can offer a broad range of products with guaranteed repeatability, consistency and top quality.

Polyurethane linings and jackets – drive shafts and tensioning rollers of belt conveyors – pulling rollers and supporting rollers – transport rollers and pressure rollers. Heavy-duty polyurethane linings – track chain segments – palette truck wheel and roller linings – forklift truck wheel linings.

Independently of the range of the offered chemistry, in many cases systems with various reaction profiles and with various moulding properties are available. The belt conveyors transport systems task is coal or soil transmission to poliurwtanowe receiving dumpers.

Polyurethanes are polymers, which are obtained in result of a chemical reaction between aromatic or aliphatic isocyanates with compounds having at least two hydroxyl or amino groups.

Spray-on elastomers feature very short reaction times, which allows their users to quickly complete assignments and achieve acceptance.

Elastomery poliuretanowe

Spray-on elastomers processing requires qualified contractors and specialized equipment. Raw materials Due to their wide range of applications, PU elastomers are relatively small in terms of volume but very important group of polyurethanes. They permit production of components with exceptional technical properties, which can not be achieved with other types of elastomers. The polyurethane machinery elements proof ground investigation research results are presented too.

At present, polyurethane is probably the most versatile material known. We are also offering professional mixing and dosing equipment for polyurethane elastomer processing. They are oil, grease and fuel resistant too. With the great thermal and chemical resistance they are placed on the rubber traditional positions.

  IEC 61513 PDF

The polyurethane strength experimental research are shown. Polyurethane components with high dynamic ratings – membranes for hydrodynamic presses – clutch pads – flexible clutch couplings – grading sieves. Thanks to their unique properties, polyurethane elastomers are used as superior alternatives to rubber products or products made of other polymers or metals.

A castable polyurethane elastomer for standard applications. Flexible, abrasion-resistant polyurethane linings – scoops – dumps – chambers – scrapers – combs – pumps and rotors – mills – honing machines – hydrocyclones – valves – drums.

Polska Produkty Budowa modeli Elastomery poliuretanowe. After spray-on application, a relatively “heavy” solvent-free coating is obtained, which: Suited for producing hollows or form parts in machine- tool- form- and mold-making, that are exposed to high pressures or abrasion.

In the modern machinery design the poliuretanowf elastomers PUR elements are employed.

Materiały poliuretanowe

Depending on the composition and on the molecular weight of polyurethanes, they feature varied physical and chemical properties. Th elife durability of such runners is shorter then main runners. The single belt conveyor is equipped with the power feed drums and strecher drums and in the great number of the runners.

It serves the production of long-lasting formliners for concrete elements with a large leastomery depth or light undercuts. The great dynamical loads dumping method is through elastic lining on the all runners types. A polyurethane elastomer for use in vertical and overhead areas.