As discussed last year in a Facebook group, this year’s holiday project is a ” Elektor Junior Computer” revival project. This means I will redesign. The Elektor Junior Computer was a simple based Microprocessor development board published in the s in the Dutch, German and later French and. Along the lines of the MOS Tech KIM, the Synertek SYM and Rockwell AIM, Elektor Electronics also published their SBC – The Junior.

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Using two pieces of wire, one on the top side of the hole and the other on eleltor opposite side, if the bell sounds the plating is good. They offered development software on a computer, the EXORciser system debugging system, onsite training. Member feedback about List of home computers: Motorola started the microprocessor project in with Tom Bennett as the main architect, the chip layout began in late ujnior, the first chips were fabricated in February and the full family was officially released in November This step is optional.

The transistors and capacitors used are small, billions can fit on a single memory chip. Construction cpmputer accomplished in three basic steps. First, the components are mounted on the printed circuit boards. A board designed in ; the sweeping curves in the traces are evidence of freehand design using adhesive tape. Home computers Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.


This process of successive selection of one device at a time is an elegant method of reducing the number of parts required for a particular application. The information is read and transferred to the brain CPU and further processed. When it was introduced inthe was, by a considerable margin and it initially sold for less than one-sixth the cost of competing designs from larger companies, such as Motorola and Intel, and caused rapid decreases in pricing across the entire processor market.


Soon after the s introduction, MOS Technology was purchased outright by Commodore International, in the early days of theit computef second-sourced by Rockwell iunior Synertek, and later licensed to other elktor. Bad IC socket connection. It is simply a matter of putting little black boxes into the correct holes — anybody can do a jigsaw!

Elektor Junior Computer – Wikiwand

Pre-printed non-reproducing grids on the mylar assisted in layout, to fabricate the board, the finished photomask was photolithographically reproduced onto a photoresist coating on the blank copper-clad boards. A computer has to be told explicitly what to do and in eleltor order.

Early microcomputers Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

Just as with RAMs, bidirectional data transfer is necessary. Retrieved from ” https: As was said earlier, the address bus has sixteen lines or 2 16 65, different combinations.

Figure b shows how to connect the two sides of a home-made board which has not got plated through holes with a vertical wire link. The Junior slektor sold as a kit by the firm Musicprint, read here the extra instructions in the kit.

Elektuur Junior – Retro Computing

The display consists of six seven-segment LEDs and shows address and data information, again in hexadecimal form. This is more convenient and safer than leaving it in RAM. The contents of the data direction registers is determined by the program or software.


Readers unfamiliar with the various types can be comupter that the is a fast, high quality device.

Member feedback about Elektor Junior Computer: Otherwise identical to theit nevertheless had the disadvantage of having no machine in which new users could quickly start playing compuetr the CPU. Member feedback about KIM On the left the larger chip version, on the right a small version in USB format.

The programming process is not electrically reversible, to erase the data stored in the array of transistors, ultraviolet light is directed onto the die. These compartments are usually referred to as locations and each has its own unique address. Where a system monitor program is used it is invariably stored in ROM. Unlike a general-purpose system such as a home computer, usually a development board contains little or no hardware dedicated to a user interface.

Elektor Junior Computer

A control gate electrode is deposited and further oxide covers it, to retrieve data from the EPROM, the address represented by the values at the address pins of the EPROM is decoded and used to connect one word of storage to the output buffer amplifiers. It seems junioor to point out at this time that when information is read from memory, that information is not lost.

The displays should show a random combination of these expressions.