The Galician writer creates his own genre (el esperpento) trough both a series of characterization adaptacion, Valle-Inclan, cine, teatro, Las Galas del Difunto. Friolera’s Horns), Las galas del difunto () (The Deadman’s Finery), La hija del capit├ín () (The Captain’s Daughter) and in his novels Tirano Banderas. In the pages to follow, I wish to show that the esperpento Ias gala.s del d!funto ( ) consists of shiillful deformatlons of the Orestes myths, as styllzed in speciflc .

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I 16 l The Furles, personlfftng this guilt, hounded Orestes eveqrwhere. Iphtgenta fn Taurfs takes place before the seaslde temple of Artemls; the flrst and last scenes of Ias gatas det d funto, ln a Galiclan house of lll repute near the wharf.

Although professtng an undylng flllal love, she begs her father for llftypesetasso that she can move to Llsbon, outof range of local gosstp, slnce the Llsbonese hold Spanlsh women ln hlgh regard.

“Analisis del Proceso de Adaptacion de Las Galas del Difunto de Valle-I” by Gorka Maiztegui Zuazo

Click here to sign up. Leading themes include death, the grotesque, and the reduction of human beings to objects reification.

Los cternos de Don FllioLera in Obras escogidas. This website uses cookies to ensure you diunto the best experience on our website. Project MUSE promotes the creation and dissemination of essential humanities and social science resources through collaboration with libraries, publishers, and scholars worldwide.

Their father King Agamemnon, to avenge the rape of his sister-in-law Helen, needed to launch hls fleet from the port of Aulis for Tfoy. Every- thtng harks back to the TfoJan War, wlth lts disastrous conse- quences both for Orestes and hls sister Iphigenia.

And these deformed beings are the heroes called to represent a classic fable that is not deformed. In lieu of an abstract, here is a brief excerpt of the content: To Justiff hts robbery of the pharmacist’s three-piece suit, Ventolera dreams of ustng lt as a liiind of love-trap, so that he can hook up arm-ln-arm ‘sacar de ganchete” wtth ta Datfa.


Retrieved from ” https: Esperpento comes with a semitransparent moral lessonfilled with criticism difunro satire.

However, ln her Spanlsh ln verslon, that vlrgln detty has degenerated lnto Mother Celestina, embodl- ment rel greed and venallty. It is a manner very Spanish, a demiurge manner, that doesn’t believe to be in any way made of the same earth as its dolls. The tensions between the play and the movie will arise through acting, lightning, camera framing, and mise en scene.

Esperpento – Wikipedia

The diifunto question that esperpento asks is whether it presents a deformed image of reality or whether it presents an accurate image of a deformed reality. Likewlse, Ventolera refuses to accompany hls friends, the other soldters, until he hears the command of the dead man.

Without cookies your experience may not be seamless. Cardona andZahareas have arguably spotted the pres- ence of the Orestes archetype inl-os cuernos de Don FYlolero lthe second esperpento. But Tia ComJa remlnds her, “Para tl ha stdo un verdugo” Diuinas palabras andLtrces de bohemio, Ed. Masters Theses – February Ventolera conflrms as galax by pun- ning on the first-class three-plece suit he craves: Death appears as a fundamental character.

Please talk to your librarian about requesting this thesis through interlibrary loan. T even down to the lowest Didunto Thus Max Estrella defined the esperpento in Luces de bohemia as a conjunction of classic and grotesque forms: Just as Orestes protested that his mother had cast hlm out to misery difknto killtng hls father, so Ventolera protests that by not opening the door when he knocked, she has forced hlm to enter through the balcony.

On the other hand, ta Dalfa uses a repetltlve style of lmplortng forglveness of her father and, after brtefly alludlng to her trlbulatlons, sees herself punlshed enough. Julio Cejador y Frauca. From OEd;tptrs atColonus comes the archetypal lmage- ry whtch offers a new esthetic enJoyment by degeneratlng into the plot, characters, metaphors, situatlons, and dlalogues comprising the first esperpento, Luces de bohemla Orrtnger Orlenttng hls conductby the dtvlne oracles has vlrtually ruined Orestes’ ltfe, causing hlm to tear communities apart, and to sow irreverence, disorder, and instability ln the name of piety.


The proof, with rlgorous com- parlsons between Greek and Spantsh texts, deserves a separate study elsewhere. Other- wlse he would deem tt a valueless rttual for an enonnous offense fltnes Book titles OR Journal titles. Sevillano, Elena 28 February Views Read Edit View history.


As to the repatriated soldler, he too has fallen victlm to the rapacity around him. The style is marked by bitter irony. The answer appears in her letter to her father, which Ventolera reads for everyone to hear. Project MUSE Mission Project MUSE promotes the creation and dissemination of essential humanities and social esperpwnto resources through collaboration with libraries, publishers, and scholars worldwide. If you would like to authenticate using a different subscribed institution that supports Shibboleth authentication or have your own login and password to Project MUSE, click ‘Authenticate’.

In this study I propose a way of understanding Las galas that incorporates the attendant, but in truth limited, aspect of parody into a tragicomic process of characterization. Just as Athena situates herself between the pursuer Thoas and difubto pursued orestes, so the procuress plants herselfbetweenVentolera and La Daifa.

The matricide, though ordained by Apollo, drove Orestes mad wlth guilt for shedding liiindredblood.