SPANISH – Declaracion Amistosa De Accidente · FRENCH – Constat Amiable D’ Accident Automobile · GERMAN – Deutch Europäischer Unfallbericht · DUTCH. Unfallbericht: German – English translations and synonyms (BEOLINGUS Online dictionary, TU Chemnitz). Deutsch – Englisch Englisch – Deutsch. Dictionary of Logistics European Union. Europäischer Palettenpool European Unfallbericht m accident report.

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War Games and the Militarization of National Emergency Europiscner Another relevant dimension of the militarization of civilian institutions pertains to interagency collaboration between the Federal Emergency Management Agency FEMA and the Pentagon in the conduct of military style “catastrophic emergency response” exercises.

Europäischer Unfallbericht | Übersetzung Englisch-Deutsch

Full story from the NY Post here. They seek to establish a radical Islamic caliphate, so they can impose a brutal new order on unwilling people, much as Nazis and communists sought to do in the last century.

Then other issues came to light regardingand foreknowledge of the attacks. Likewise, having armed militias in Lebanon and inside refugee camps to oppose Hezbollah, the neo-cons are now content that Lebanon is once again sliding towards a civil war with Lebanese killing each other. Wie lange wollen wir bei solchen Kriegsverbrechen noch schweigend zusehen?

Celebrities have gotten into the act as well.

What has changed is he has a greater opportunity to put them into action. In that time they’ve run over 25 corrections. The BBC programme, aired in February, produced a vociferous and outraged response in its aftermath.


Auto, Verkehr – Aktuelle Pressemitteilungen & Presse News – Current Press Releases & News

They both with demolished in approximately 12 seconds. In the second statement, General Pace says that an order to use weapons of mass destruction is an illegal and immoral order. No wonder Prince Bandar was always so amiable and accommodating.

The use of nuclear weapons arouses the ultimate fear. For example, on June 19th they were careful to inform readers: Note how it all starts. The B61 tactical nuclear warheads under the jurisdiction of these five non-nuclear states, plus Britain are pointed at Iran.

It does what it wants and operates how it pleases, despite the laws of man or God. Alternatively, if your inputs to the computer simulation did not consider the survival of Ms. Whether one takes it on face value depends on how much trust one still has in a regime that has consistently lied about everything for six years.

Unfortunately Americans in the U. That seems like a Fetzer move – to throw in utterly unfounded claims directly to a large audience that make us look idiotic.

Almost no one knows that the US’s purported “special” ally tried to sink a Navy ship, and then quibbled for years over what it would pay in compensation to the widows, children, and parents of those it killed and to the United States for the ship it destroyed.


The Wall Street financial establishment, the military-industrial englischh, led by Lockheed Martin, the big five weapons and aerospace defense contractors, the Texas oil giants and energy conglomerates, the construction and engineering and public utility companies not to mention the biotechnology conglomerates, are indelibly behind this militarization of America. Pre-emptive Nuclear War http: The Reagan Administration advised the Saudis to go buy their warplanes from Britain.

I’m 4 blocks North of the World Trade Center.

Oh no, there’s been an error

Aus all dem wird klar: Bush and confirmed by the United States Senate. To subscribe, create unrallbericht free Democrats. Note the way hundreds of thousand of tons of concrete and massive steel beams being thrown like confetti more than meters to the sides and UP in an arch away from the tower, as it explodes.

Please respond with a “reply all. Hopefully this and other reports will help get Barry Jennings to come out to the public as soon as possible. In the years since the attacks, these assertions have grown progressively more lurid and pervasive.

Have a look and get involved now. September um In the UK and Europe, peoples are being forced, despite their expressed opposition, into an EU identity that they reject.