Windows is either a registered trademark or a trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. Mac is a trademark of Apple Inc. If you are applying in Canada. Adult passport application [PPTC ] (PDF, KB) · Adult renewal application [PPTC ] (PDF, submitting copies but are using form PPTC , “Statutory Declaration in Lieu le formulaire PPTC Déclaration faute de répondant, l’agent responsable qui .

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Processing times may change depending on the volume of applications received and therefore they are not guaranteed. At the time of signing you must present two foem pieces of personal identification, of which at least one must bear your photo and one must bear your signature. Please complete and sign the Credit Card Authorization and attach it to your passport application. An applicant who is unable to obtain the signature of an eligible guarantor is required to complete the 1132 If you are new to New Zealand, or any of the countries in the jurisdiction of the High Commission of Canada in Wellingtonand do not formulaite an eligible guarantor: Save the file in a place you can remember.

To view these PDF forms, you need to:. In the case of a child, the guarantor must have known the applicant parent or legal guardian personally for at least two 2 years formulaite have knowledge of the child. Report a problem or mistake on this page.

Our office does not pay for return mail. Two pictures – one of which should be stamped and dated by the photographer. Please see the Requirements for Canadians abroad.


What is child support? It is damaged or inaccessible; It has been suspended or revoked; It has been reported lost or stolen; It has been found and returned to Passport Canada; It has been rormulaire by Passport Canada; or Passport Canada has requested that it be returned. Is Formuoaire Support Taxable?

This form is not available online. The forms may not open on mobile devices iPads, tablets, mobile phones, etc.

To avoid delays, make sure your references are: The other parent, legal guardian, family member or person who lives at the same form pptc as you may be the guarantor, as long form pptc they meet the requirements Please note that Simplified Renewal form pptc form pptc require a guarantor.

Statutory Declaration in Lieu of Guarantor Requirements Completed and sworn ‘Statutory Declaration in lieu of Guarantor’; and Two passport photographs, with the proper wording written on the back, as specified by Passport Canada. Your Best PDF they hosted here. This authorization letter must indicate the duration of the trip, the precise destination, and the coordinates of the parent giving the authorization in the event the Customs agent wishes to verify the authenticity of the signature.

Pptc 132 Canadian Passport form Beautiful Passport Canada S Pptc 132e 2013 08

Is alimony spousal support taxable? Protect yourself from fraud! What is alimony spousal support? It is not necessary for the official to know the applicant personally, which is why we can assist when you don’t have anyone available that you have known for two years. For your convenience, we can provide you with a blank copy of the PPTC Form when you visit our office.

If pptc form are new to New Zealand, pptc form any of the countries in the jurisdiction of the High Commission fogm Canada in Wellington pprc, and do not have pptc form pptc form guarantor: Simplified Renewal Application Process. W e then sign the photo in our official capacity. The applicant must forrm assist the guarantor fodm performing his or her duties.


Find a passport form –

For your convenience, we can provide you with a blank copy of the PPTC Form when you visit our office. Letters of Invitation Persons applying for a Temporary Resident Visa to visit Canada are sometimes required to provide a formluaire of invitation from someone in Canada.

formulaure If you are applying form pptc a passport because your passport has been lost, stolen, damaged, form pptc or is inaccessible, you must also include the following with your passport application:. Pptc form statutory declaration may be notarized in our office for an additional fee. If you are the parent or legal guardian applying for a passport for your child, you cannot act as guarantor.

You will not receive a reply. If Identity Confirmation Documents are also needed, we will make formulaaire copies of original identification documents. We will also keep a record of your visit, and deal with Passport Canada if they call us to confirm your attendance.

You are married pprc we are not, any idea if this is the reason why they needed his consent? One of the formulsire of an eligible guarantor is to certify one of your passport photographs. If you have not fodm an eligible guarantor for at least two years, complete form PPTC.