Instructor Manual v, English Version NOW Available. You Asked. We Delivered! ***Available FREE Online***. The revised Instructor Training Manual v is. The IKO has released the latest release of the IKO Kiteboarding Instructor Manual . The IKO manual is regularly updated and this version is the. IKO INSTRUCTOR MANUAL V Rule #2. Starboard rider (kite on the right-hand side) has priority over the oncoming rider and should keep.

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Jetski and boat safety, kiteboarder recovery skills course. Medic First Aid CPR Course You wonder what to do in case of an emergency to help a person in need before the arrival of medical support? Be able to ride confidently and safely between other riders. IKO instructors receive intense training during A series of instructor training including online education and live training courses. Jetski Rescue and kiteboarder recovery course Duration: The IEC equivalency instructor program is for certified instructors from other teaching systems to become IKO certified kiteboarding instructors.

New IKO Kiteboarding Instructor Manual

See our Event Calendar for more Courses If you are interested in attending one of these courses or any of our training programs, Call Us ASAP to get on the Listcourses only run if the minimum number of candidates confirm. Kiteboarding Instructor Training Course. Be certified as an IKO kiteboarder level 3N.

The training is organized in 3 steps and is completed in a minimum of 5 days. Assistant Instructors can begin working in kiteboarding schools and under the supervision of an IKO L2 instructors.

The Instructor Manual is available on the first day of the course. All current kiteboarding instructors will receive this update to reinforce the Universal teaching method, and global safety standards. A course requirement for Kiteboarding instructors. If you are interested in attending one of these courses or any of our training programs, Call Us ASAP to get on the Listcourses only run if the minimum number of candidates confirm.


IKO Assistant level course is a pre-requisite.

IKO instructro are not sold separately and are not available to the public. It is recommended that candidates log some hours assisting at an IKO school. Moreover, you have priority over other candidates for ITC level 1. Be at least 18 years old. An excellent quality manual is provided with a wallet skill guide. The balance is due 30 days prior course commencement. The IM Manual is available printed in Color and is also available as an online Ebook, for qualified instructors. All students taking lessons from IKO Instructors and Schools will benefit from these updates that include better utilization of the jnstructor equipment as well as the worlds most widely manhal, and proven teaching methods.

The instructional system provides an effective and easy-to-use learning process. How long does the course take?

Kiteboard Instructor Training • Action Sports Maui

Save Save Save Save. Jetski Rescue and kiteboarder recovery course. If you are interested in this course but do not yet have all the prerequisites, instructo us know and we will be able to assist you to meet the requirements. A complete course for first time Kiteboarding instructors. Great for gap year students. Learn kite-launching, landing, and rider rescue and recovery skills. The manual has been expanded and includes new materials, updates new lesson plans, and upgraded appendices.

This course is essential for IKO instructors and training center managers and professional lifeguards, and other water rescue workers.

Spaces are limited, so book early. This Kiteboard Instructor Manual is the official handbook and procedural manual for the worlds largest teaching network including thousands of kiteboarding instructors in 40 countries. By the end of the 5 days course, an instructor will be able to: Send your information to the organizer and we can give you some assistance with travel and accommodation. AITC courses can run as often as needed when the required number of participants have registered.


There will be a practical riding skills test. Have a strong riding manuxl, including be able to perform jumps with grabs, controlled turns, switch toe-side riding.

The 2 first steps are: See our Event Calendar for more Courses. The instructof can be scheduled by arrangement with three or more candidates.

This course is recommended for all professional watersports instructors. During the 3rd step, you will work with your instructor level 2 in live situation. A visit of the jko also takes place during the 1st day in order for you to better understand the way it works bookings, equipment storage, spot, etc.

IKO instructors are kept up to date with online training courses, updated training manuals, and pro-newsflashes. Courses can be spread over 2 weeks up to 2 months, or tailored to suit your needs. Trainees provide their own personal kiteboarding equipment, lunches, and transportation.

IKO releases new Instructor Manual – Action Kiteboarding

Reinforced by video and case scenarios, the program will help you build your skills and confidence by alternatively listening, watching and practicing with other trainees and on a CPR training manikin.

Only current IKO certified instructors have access to this manual. We strongly recommend that you get your name on the jko ASAP as numbers are strictly limited.