My goal is to extract about 30 JPG or PNG images from a PDF using PHP. I’m using ImageMagick from PHP in a shared hosting. Imagick::readImage. (PECL imagick ). Imagick::readImage — Reads image from filename. Description. bool Imagick::readImage (string $filename). Example case: extract page 1 of a pdf file and save it as jpg image. $i = new Imagick(); $i->setResolution();.

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Does it work with a simple convert command line? I’m using ImageMagick 6. They all fail on the readImage[X] command. Edit Report a Bug. If you have just uploaded the PDF and want to generate an image from the first page, the [0] needs to be added to the image name as a text string.

Is there an alternative solution? I just encountered a similar issue. This doesn’t work with the url: ReadImage takes a string containing the folder location of the file, and ReadImageFile takes a handle pointing to the file location.

Select all convert bound. Each page is essentially readimafe big image. It seems that when you are reading a page that is far enough into the PDF file, it gets the exception. If it still fails try reading 5 pages at a time which will hopefully isolate the problem. But, there is a problem with the ReadImage function! The functions setImageFormat and setFormat, programmed line after line, provided no effect to changing the format to png, bmp, or gif.


ImagickException Unable to read the file: Read page 1 from test. As described in my answer: The code above works for the first X pages, then fails with an exception. Do you have access to PHP rewdimageso that you could run the command line and see if that fails? Post as a guest Name. It always gives an exception in the readImage command when index is around 15 or higher depending on the source PDF. With an imagemagick object reqdimage data was created from this function, I could scale, change the colors, and perform artistic effects upon the object, without any problems at all, but readimagf there was a problem with saving: Got a patch for a bug?


Try to use urlencode function for encode special chars of url:. Bear in mind this is running eradimage PHP from a shared hosting account so I do not have a Command line environment to run a convert command.

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Initially, the first looks far more imagkck, since you don’t have to worry about fopen and fclose commands. I tried the same test on another hosting account with PHP 7.

PHP и PHP 7 на русском: Функция Imagick::readImage() – Reads image from filename

The fix for me was finding the tmp directory and setting imagkck correct permissions for it. No, I’ve tried this. Questions Why is this a problem? I guess what I should do in that case is to break up every part of the url and encode all different parts in some way. Sign up using Email and Password.


I have tried several source PDFs having from 20 to 30 images each. It is imagiick running a loop and finally getting the exception on the 16th page. Uday Hiwarale 1, 16 Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. I solved it by encoding it correctly, but the answer marked as correct is a much better solution. The error seems to be consistent through this radimage domain, but sometimes it’s different from image to image on the same domain.

The problem is that Imagick can’t handle the uri format.

The Imagemagick developers have nothing readimaye do with Imagick. ImageMagick examples mostly using php Imagick examples. The first page is [0] and you are requesting page [15] which would be the 16 page.