Benefit Illustration. Statutory warning: “Some benefits are guaranteed and some benefits are variable with returns based on the future performance of your life. LIC Jeevan Saral (plan ) is one of the most ‘flexible’ and ‘feature rich’ conventional endowment type plan ever launched by LIC of India. LIC Jeevan Saral – Plan – Complete Calculator – can help you to understand all the benefits of LIC’s Jeevan Saral plan, including premium, maturity.

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The Sum Assured is 12,00, Actually LIC have not declared its first bonus on this plan yet, it has to be declared in I think the question was asked by Anand, not Sagar.

Shantanu Pande 25 March at Also, If I wish to continue with this policy till end than what would be the total amount I get? Why you have planned to quit. Hi, Mine is Jeevan Saral plan T. Dhiraj 28 December at I want single policy.

LIC Jeevan Saral

I gave u only a preview, there may jeeevan some great ideas if we share to each other. Jan I would like to surrender my policy, so how much I will get amount including my paid premiums and Bonus etc. Hello Sir, I have taken it for 20 years Annul premium: It will take four more years to declare loyalty additions for 20 year term.

But you will get sum saraal value written on bond plus bonus of every year. The loyalty addition shall be provided to you at the time of surrender of the policy depending on the term completed as on date of surrender.


I have taken this policy Table at the age of 31 years with a premium paying term of 35 sarxl and yearly premium of Rs Badri nath 24 January at What is my surrender value today. Use this calculator to get the surrender value. So far in Jeevan Saral plan Loyalty additions up to 17 years only have been declared.

LIC Jeevan Saral (Plan ) – Details, Calculators, Review and Illustrations – Insurance Funda

LIC office told mi surrender value for today Accroding to the product note jeevah I continue till 10th year my surrender value should jeevaan MSA i. My advise is to continue the policy and get the maturity amount and avail the invaluable insurance coverage till maturity. Many of them are old LIC agents and have poor knowledge on the concept and working of insurance policies.

Reply That is a difficult question to answer.

If I wish to continue upto 20 years, how much i will get all total? Reply Dear Rohit, You can use this calculator to get the expected maturity jefvan up to year term. Partial surrender is different from partial withdrawal.

The illustration shown here is based on the example considered.

Ankur Gupta 24 August at My half yearly premium is Rs. I saw in your blogs information explained clearly.

LIC Jeevan Saral (Plan 165) – Details, Calculators, Review and Illustrations

Hi sir my lic table ,15 years,my premium half yearly My policy is jeeven saral term noquarterly premium is started Let me know the maturity amount if I surrender the policy and is there any deduction in amount if I surrender my policy before maturity my maturity period is 20 years.


Please use this calculator and get an idea about the possible swral and take a decision.

Loyalty addition is one important portion of maturity benefit and you will not get it if you surrender now. So it is not possible to pay the premium using partial saal. Can you please advise if i should continue or break it? Please guide me on this. Please get the surrender value from the nearest branch office. I will b completing 10 years in march Monthly – how much i will get for 10 yrs, 20 yrs plz I am monthly paying rs as aaral since Oct.

There is no magic wand neither in me nor with any expert of earth to provide and suffice all your requirements. What is my surrender value today. When can i expect Loyalty Additions. I have booked loss in money plus series Surrendering such a good policy is not a good idea. If I wish to surrender now after completing 5 yearswhat ssral will I receive? My half yearly premium is 6,