Johanna Lindsey · Paperback Captive of My Desires tells a passionate love story that will capture your heart and never let go. Read more. Johanna Lindsey is one author I can usually enjoy if I don’t think much With all the recent talk of pirates, I can’t see Captive of My Desires as a. Captive of My Desires by Johanna Lindsey – THE MALORYS RETURN! Johanna Lindsey sweeps readers into the dazzlingly passionate world of the.

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Incensed by Drew’s indifference, Gabrielle is determined to win his attentions. I don’t care about other characters even if their last name is Mallory. So what can she do but take over Drew’s ship and keep or locked in chains, in his own cabin, only she takes over the bed! It just sort of sat there, tepid and blah. Even though that i adore the Mallorys, the Andersons’s stories are making me so excited By the time all dwsires resolved and everyone is happy and in love, I am left unconvinced that Drew deserves her.

D and the fact that two of my most fav characters had a big part to play in this bo wow it was soo good! I must renege here on any unfavorable comments I made about Drew in regards to the “mighty thrust”. Lindsey had found a romance formula that worked. So there you have it. So when the fighting begins, the distasteful captain leaves her to find out what is happening But as passion runs high on their sea voyage, it becomes difficult csptive tell who is truly the captor and who is the captive.

Johanna’s books span the various eras of history, including books set in the Middle Ages, the American “Old West” and the popular Regency England-Scotland. Though drawn to Gabrielle’s fiery beauty, Drew, a fun-loving rogue, wants nothing to do with a young woman hunting for a husband.

He does this lidnsey of jealousy of course since Gabrielle is spending so much time desiires another suitor. The fact that he owns his own ship and loves living at sea is a big plus for him. No trivia or quizzes yet. Jul 30, Leslie rated it it was amazing Shelves: Feb 17, Tiko rated it it was amazing Shelves: While once things had gotten past the treating each other very badly the story was johabna on track for me I still couldn’t get past the bad and didn’t feel in my personal opinion it was resolved enough for them to move on.


I usually love JL’s books but mt was one doesn’t make the cut. I know this is a romance and apparently, you HAVE to have the I’m-cynical-because-whatever hero and the push-pull thing between the characters before johnana can get their HEA, but his problems are first world problems.

He’d managed to instill his own fear in her, though, and she’d raced toward the bowels of the ship. I felt furious for her. And of course, we’re supposed to sigh and swoon that she fucks him anyway and allow a complete shithead got his way, that it’s just so romanticeven though he’s treated the heroine horribly.

Jan 04, Zeek rated it it desirres ok Shelves: She had all the signs of a woman betrayed, and when she took sick in early spring and her condition had worsened, she’d made no effort to recover from it, ignoring her doctor’s advice and barely eating.

No Choice But Seduction A well-written sex scene might have been able to incorporate the act of manly stupidity but I’ve come to realize JL doesn’t do description where sex is concerned at least not in the Malory Family.

I couldn’t really care for the hero or the heroine. And she was partly in shock that it was even possible for a ship to fly a Jolly Roger in this day and age. Open Preview See a Problem? You are bruising my arm. But when Drew embroils her in a scandal the night before he’s to sail back to America, Gabrielle vows revenge. What will happen in this journey???

Sailing the warm Caribbean waters was supposed to be as safe as walking down an English country lane. And at least Margery had agreed to go with her. Or maybe that’ Not fully done yet, but I’m completely irritated. She was also going to be turned over to a guardian. It would have been good had I believed it but she was still thinking about being attracted to him instead of being furious.


Tell us what you like, so we can send you books you’ll love. A pirate story went bad. Unlike the captain, Avery Dobs didn’t appear eager for the upcoming confrontation.

Overnight, she turned into a bitter woman, hating the world and everything in it, crying over a man who wasn’t even hers. If I hadn’t read any of the previous Malory novels, I think I wouldn’t have been so disappointed with the storyline and characters in this book.

Captive of My Desires is available for download from Apple Books. Gabrielle discovers that her father is in fact a “gentlemen pirate”, though her mother never knew, and decides to stay and live with him on the island of St.

Captive of My Desires — All About Romance

Far too much time is spent on the pirate setup and, as enjoyable as it was, the James and Georgina update. Young women — Fiction.

Incensed by Drew’s indifference, Gabrielle is determined to win his attentions. Captive of My Desires Embed.

Captive of My Desires

The story-line was pretty solid, although there were a few points that either weren’t necessary or could have been clarified. First of all, where did the cheeky, fun-loving Drew Anderson from prior Malory Ugh.

I don’t know why or who suggested that because I failed to find the similarity. Jun 22, Vanessa rated it it was amazing Recommended to Vanessa by: Subjects Fiction Romance Historical Fiction.