Josipom Brnićem izradio i izdao udžbenike: ➢ Nauka o čvrstoći I, Brnić, J.: Statika, Sveučilište u Rijeci, Tehnički fakultet, ❑ Alfirević, I. JOSIP BRNIĆ Red. prof. dr. sc. Zavod za tehničku Statika Nauka o vrstoi I Osnove primjene metode konanih elemenata. Report. Post on. Josip Brnić info. Lidija Ćurković info . UVOD U MEHANIKU I. Statika krutih tijela. INTRODUCTION TO Primijenjena statika. INTRODUCTION TO.

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Laser Ablation of Boron-Carbide Target. Protective effects of met-enkephalin on alcohol induced gastric lesions. Predictions of 13C Chemical Shifts in Carbocations. Dvije godine do OI u Bni kasni izgradnja dvaju objekata. Measurements of kinetics of adsorbed cinnoline by square-wave voltammetry. Alfirevi – Nauka o vrstoi 1 Documents. Surface modification of stainless steel electrode. Organizational Change in Transition Societies.

Croatian scientific bibliography – List of papers

Design, Fabrication, Economy, Millpress, Rotterdam, Differences between reversible self-association and irreversible aggregation of rHuG-CSF in carbohydrate and polyol formulations. Photoelectron spectroscopic study of N-aryl- and N-heteroaryl-pyrroles. Corrosion protection of aluminium in acidic chloride solutions with nontoxic inhibitors. Esthetic reconstruction in teeth with dentinogenesis imperfecta – a case report. Hrvatska akademija znanosti i brin, spomenica.


Long-term ozone data analysis. Structural basis for the methylation of A in 16S rRNA by a panaminoglycoside resistance methyltransferase NpmA from a clinical isolate and analysis of the NpmA interactions with the 30S ribosomal subunit.

The effect of the electrolyte concentration in the solution on the voltammetric response of insertion electrodes. Suvremeni francuski parlamentarizam stati,a Approximating the total pi-electron energy by means of spectral moments. Prorektor za znanost i meunarodnu suradnju Sveuilita u Rijeci, A segmental interaction model for liquid-liquid equilibria correlation and prediction: Synthesis of polymer-fenoprofen conjugates.

Section C, Crystal Structure Communications. B73 – Written by M. Sequence-dependent anisotropic elastic modelling of local bending phenomena. Hrvatska pravna povijest u europskom kontekstu: Surviving in an environment of financial indiscipline: Prodekan za nastavu, Tehniki fakultet Rijeka, Colloidal Systems and Interfaces: Reactant adsorption statikw cyclic staircase voltammetry on spherical microelectrodes. Protein nutritive quality during production and storage of dietetic biscuits.

prof. dr. sc. Josip Brnić, professor emeritus

Comparison of two methods of preparation of the stationary phase for HPLC chiral columns based on tris 3, 5-dimethylcarbamoyl cellulose. Effects of incorporation of integral raw materials and dietary fibre on the selected nutritional and functional properties of biscuits.

Theoretical model calculations of the absolute proton affinities of benzonitrile, nitroso- and nitrobenzene. Observation of the Primary Intermediates in the Photochemistry of o-Vinylstyrylfurans. Antimicrobial use at a university hospital: Large displacement formulation for elastic-plastic space frames, Proceedings of the 4th International Congress of the Croatian Society of Mechanics, Bizovac, Croatia, September, pp.


In vitro release of metal ions from a gold-platinium alloy in saliva – simulated conditions. Kinetics and mechanism of electrocrystallyzation in oxide matrix. ESR spectroscopy for the study of polymer heterogeneity. Farmaceutsko-biokemijski fakultet, zbornik.

Transactions of FAMENA

Variations of linear radiomorphometric indices dependent on age and occlusion. Study of the healing process after transplantation of pasteurized bone grafts in rabbits.

Low-temperature Raman spectra of nitromethane single crystal. Statija Structure of Polyiodobenzenes. From functional food to medicinal product: Mode and sites of incorporation of divalent cations in vaterite.

Hydrolysis and extraction properties of aroylhydrazones derived from nicotinic acid hydrazide. Structure and vibrational spectra of conjugated acids of trans- and cis-azobenzene. Comparison between the structure-boiling point relationships with different descriptors for condensed benzenoids. Optimal conditions for microbiological diffusion method sttika.

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