Kubizek met Adolf Hitler at a opera house in As Louis L. Snyder has pointed out: “Before long August began to regard his chance acquaintance as his best. This, August Kubizek gives. The son of an upholsterer in Linz, inspired early with a passion for music, Kubizek first met Hitler late in when both were. A valuable historical document from Hitlers only childhood friend.

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Certainly, one book that serves the purpose to demystify the “demon Hitler” we are used to read in most common modern European history books. I knew that he, too, had no other friends besides me.

A common love of music and a romantic friendship kept them together. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. His colleagues in the Customs Service describe him as a precise, dutiful official who was very strictand had his “weak spots. My poor mother, while she was anxiously watching us, slipped on the smooth moss and slid into the water.

I cannot remember that Adolf was ever idle or felt bored even for a single hour. He was by no means a leader of the class. After Hitler’s mother died of breast cancer inthe funeral procession went through Urfahr to Leonding. I never got an answer; at the most he would shut me up with a wave of his hand.

I considered myself as part of the family — there was hardly anybody else who visited them. Published September 15th by Greenhill Books first published J ust sufficient time elapsed for the child to be born in wedlock. Although Klara Polzl was only a second cousin, the couple needed an ecclesiastical dispensation for their marriage.

Adolf Hitler and Stefanie Rabatsch

In one episode, Kubizek said that Hitler had a great love for a girl named ” Stefanie ” and wrote her many love poems but never sent them. Nevertheless, oubizek was atfirsta difficult friendship because our characters were utterly different.


The bride has looked after ttie children ever since the death of ttie mother and ttiey are very fond of her, so that it may be justifiably assumed that the upbringing would be successful and ttie marriage a kubizekk one.

We took note of each other without exchanging a word. A young man, about ourage, came around the corner, a plump, rather kuizek young gentleman. Nor did we, as so many other youngsters, grow cool and indifferent with time.

At that time he was nobody. Many other qualities which are characteristic of youth were lacking in him: So that Nazi Germany was an actual place in actual history that was led by a man with an actual past, and not a hitlsr from a sci-fi video game where Nazis are the spawn of the devil hypnotizing the population with alien psy-weapons.

The Young Hitler I Knew by August Kubizek

He used to have his midday meal in a little cafe and it was there he met my mother who was working as a waitress. Jan 09, Les Wolf rated it really liked it.

He seems to be in a race against time, working feverishly with the placing of electrodes and the recording of calculations above the massive lifeless figure. Nevertheless, father and son were affected by this quality in different ways.

Her eyes were very beautiful”. He was ill from time to time during that period and coughed a lot. When his wife died inAlois Hitler married Franziska Matzelsberger, who was twenty-four years his junior. A peasant woman coming along with her milk cartdrawn by a miserable dog – occasion to criticize the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals for their lack of initiative. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. A well-written memoir of friendship with Hitler Even the pictures taken at the time when Alois Hitier had already retired show that this man was, in spirit, still on duty.


The Young Hitler I knew

Incidentally, when Adolf Hitler was Chancellor in he visited thatschool again and seated himself atthe same desk atwhich he had learned to read and write. Hitier leftschool atSteyr in Septemberand went to live with his widowed mother in Linz. Adolf had disappeared into the shady depths of the Metropolis. Smith discussed the story in his Adolf Hitler; his family, childhood, and youth. I do not remember the poem itself any longer; to be precise, I can no longer distinguish it from the other poems which Adolf read to me in later days.

And we also se This is an immensely gratifying read.

In Kubizek’s account, although in love with her to the point of suicide, Hitler never once spoke with her, and she later married an Austrian army officer.

How often did he persuade me, when I came from my work, to take with me and study this or that book which he had just read so that he could discuss itwith me. Interesting to read how many of Hitler’s thoughts and ideologies that he translated into his Third Reich ideologies were formulated at quite an early age. On the kitchen shelves, I still remember, there were carefully arrayed the long pipes which he used to smoke.

August Kubizek met Adolf Hitler in and over the next four years they became close friends, eventually sharing a flat together in Vienna.

And what is else notto be overcome?