Michael, according to the introduction to Volume 1, volume 3 .. I have Ascanio’s world of Knives (Jose de la Torre translation). Glad to see that Ascanio vols 3 and 4 have just come up for purchase on the Libros de Magia. Ascanio Spread. 87 entries in Cards / Sleights / False Display / Ascanio . , La Magia de Ascanio – Vol. 1, → Cards / Sleights / False Display / Ascanio. El libro The Magic of Ascanio Volume 1 The Structural Conception of Magic en Páginas libros de magia tu librería online para comprar tus libros de magia de la .

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Ascanio Spread with Double Card Laydown. Ases para Conocedores Saludo a Fred Kaps. Alexander de CovaArturo de Ascanio.

The Phoenix Issue Conocete a ti Mismo. Jon Racherbaumer wrote a pamphlet on the Ascanio spread, but I believe it was effects with the spread, not other works of Ascanio. The Card Magic of Bro. El empalme del “cinco” y del “siete” en la mano derecha.

Thoughts on Creativity, Theory Notebook of But no matter what he is known for, we’re certain you will enjoy these three amazing card routines and their in-depth instructions. They are all The Magic of Ascanio, ascamio each has a subtitle. Wriggling Aces Arturo de Ascanio Card College – Volume 3. An Interview with a Genius of Magic.


On Magic Video Depot I’m also looking forward to ascanuo translation, I only hope the project hasn’t been scrapped. Also published here “Ilusionismo”, Inspired by “Barocke Transposition” Ascanio.

Subscribe today to Genii Magazine. One should almost learn Spanish because of this! If you want, I will ask Rafael Benatar about the translation.

The Magic of Ascanio Volume 1 The Structural Conception of Magic

Del Bolsillo de un Espectador al de Otro. El “Enfile Al Tiempo”.

Incase you want to know what I am talking about: Acerca de un Efecto de Ed Marlo. My order will be going in today. Conception of Magical Atmosphere. Dos Juegos con la Cuenta de “Pasa Paquete”. Das Vorzeigen nach Ascanio “El Culebreo”.

The Three-Card Ascanio Spread. Cards Up the Sleeve.

The Paintbrush Change, with small packet. Hi, actually there are 3 volumes not just two! Toggle navigation Conjuring Archive. EsKlibur Regular user Posts. Stop Fooling Us Lecture Notes. There are other proofreaders and an editor involved in the project and although Ascnio do not know at what stage they are, I would guess that volume 3 should see the light of day in late March.

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The Magic of Ascanio Volume 1 The Structural Conception of Magic en Web de Páginas Libros de Magia

Arturo maggia Ascanio Father and Sons Aces Version Ascanio type spread showing more than four cards and hiding some. Phases of a Trick I. Related to “Ilusionismo”, Gratitud a mis Anfitriones.

Six Tricks by Tenkai. Being French also I’m not sure about the availability of Ascanio’s work in English, sorry. Through extraction by the left forefinger a Spreading the four cards b The wriggling action c Squaring up Pushing with the right forefinger.