Berio: Sequenza V (for trombone) [Luciano Berio] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Publisher ID: UE Instrumentation: Trombone. Grock. And the Berio Sequenza V. This page includes: Grock’s biography. Luciano Berio’s comments about Grock and Sequenza V. Abbie Conant’s comments. In this paper, Luciano Berio’s Sequenza V for solo trombone is analyzed along the lines of four analytical dimensions proposed by the composer himself in an.

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As the dramatic irony intensifies his elbows move higher and higher until one of his flailing arms accidently bumps the soloist who stops playing and glares at Grock who gradually winds down noticing the music has stopped. But watch the actual entrance again and try to see how many elements of theater seuenza in play. As a child of 11, the composer saw the clown perform and in the middle of his routine, Grock stopped, turned to the audience, and asked “warum?

His arm and leg movements are akin to modern day hiphop but with the oversize shoes appearing to make his feet twist at the ankles to a ridiculous degree. In other words, he must perform two functions simultaneously: Sequenza V is a composition for solo trombone by Luciano Beriopart of his series of pieces with this title. AllMusic relies heavily on JavaScript. In he left England and remained on the European continent until his farewell performance at age 74 in Hamburg, Germanyon October 30 Grock removes his top hat and sets it on the grand piano forgetting that the lid is fully open.


The talented musician, who could play 24 instruments and speak many languages, became the king sequenzw clowns in the early s.

As the Sequenza progresses, a very special bond develops between the musician and his sequenzz – the latter takes on almost human traits, as the audience looks and listens with pleasure and astonishment. The piece calls for many extended techniques including multiphonics singing and playing at the same timerattling a plunger mute against the bell of the instrument, glissandiand producing sounds while inhaling.

All in the same leap he also manages to cross his legs.

A tin toy was made of Grock playing his concertina sometime in the s. AllMusic Featured Composition Noteworthy. Then he turns his head toward us part way, smiles with obvious pleasure.

Sequenza V, for trombone

He futilely tries to improve his appearance by sharpening the crease on his trousers. Introspection Late Night Partying. He continues by mimicking singing in a way that is so vivid and entertaining it is better than the song itself.

Grock makes as if to leave the stage but is overcome by the music and starts to dance again. The announcer notes that no one was ever able to copy the coming stunt.

Sequenza V, for trombone | Details | AllMusic

If properly done, even a gesture of the arm or hand can create a kind of soundless music. More delay before the grand performance with violin and piano. But again, sequenzz is not something you can really strive to do.

It is a double irony because juggling with one ball shows no virtuosity, but by his precise and showy movements he makes it astoundingly virtuosic. In Sequenza V for trombone solo, the memory of Grock, the last big clown, peeps out. For more about the integration of the performing arts, see also: Can you capture it in all of your music-making? By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


Then he exits with his characteristic clown dance and a smile. Luciano Berio Sequenza V. The Spanish clown dismisses him and starts to play. He pulls up one trouser cuff all the way to his hip to reveal a skinny, almost feminine bare leg. This same faceting of forms and images, a careful contrasting of sounds, dynamics, phrasing, and timing can give our music the same indelible qualities that mesmerize people.

The waist on his trousers is up to his chest.

Sexy Trippy All Moods. During that sequenzaa, just once, he suddenly stopped and, staring at the audience, he asked: You could hear music when Louis Armstrong laughed, or spoke, or even when he aequenza walked on stage. If you have already looked at the videos, all the better. The orchestra jumps in so quickly that Grock misses the entrance for his song. Views Read Edit View history. Music can also be perfectly shaped in a way that reveals a form of iconic imagery.