I think Mike was selling them, just himself. I should have gotten copies of his books when I had the chance, but his web store is down (he says. Mike Mangini’s Rhythm Knowledge. Front Cover. Mike Mangini, Frank Dolan Bibliographic information. QR code for Mike Mangini’s Rhythm Knowledge. Mike Mangini is a role model for music education. His dedication to understanding all aspects of rhythm and to playing with emotion and confidence is incessant.

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For a while, I followed his advice and worked in 90 minute blocks for individual exercises, but was never confident I was “doing it right”. I’m not quite sure how Mike meant for that to be applied; for all his intelligence and drumming ability, the books aren’t very well written, nor are they rhytbm pragmatic. Mike Mangini Rhythm Knowledge Practice Confusion Manginl remember trying to 90 minutes practice schedule, but it was too much for me.

I also try and repeat that same exercise for the next few weeks. Send a private message to CtrStDrumSchool.

And I repeat that cycle until it gets mangiini. Work up to 90 minutes over a reasonable period of time, say a few weeks to months. If I tried to write that piece out mangiji a chart, I’d have gone insane. Then when it went together, they heard the phrasing and it all made sense.


Or 30 minutes of sixteenths, 30 minutes of triplets and 30 minutes of quintuplets. And while I will admit, I only actively apply those two principles in his book, a lot of other things written in there are common sense.

Mangini, Mike: Rhythm Knowledge Vol.1

Find all posts by CtrStDrumSchool. So when looking at permutations, if you are using a 5 beat pattern and a 6 beat pattern, every 5 repetitions of the six the one lines up for both. Find all posts by Elpecs. The first one that I make sure is that I’m in the proper mood for practicing. I would not recommend jumping from “regular” practice right into a 90 minute single stroke roll.

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So if you were playing a 2 and 12, your phrase would be 6 and 1, i. The common denominator is the motion of the single stroke roll. Same with let’s say He finds the common between the two and goes off of that. I’m also applying the Rhythm Knowledge method to my practicing, albeit only a few certain pages in the book.

Originally Posted by Gord The Drummer. Doing this tends to alleviate the possibility of getting bored, which comes in handy if you tend rgythm be ADD, like myself. If I’m in a sour mood, practicing won’t work, because I will not be as patient then as I will be later.

From what I recall the concept was to play each individual exercise for 90 minutes. I don’t own Volume II yet if I ever will. Now for me, why I do all of this is to be able to get as much done, with as much positive progress, at the fastest rate while not getting bored.


Granted, one thing that I do that helps influence a proper practicing mindset and probably a little bit controversial kmowledge some is, while I am using Tempo Advanced on my iTouch, I am also playing, in the background also on the same iTouch a specific subliminal message MP3 that relates to “improving music skills.

Generally, I do 3 hours dedicated practice a day all timed, planned metronome practice, not noodlingand tend not to work on any one thing for less than 20 minutes at a time. I remember trying to 90 minutes practice schedule, but it was too much for me.

Originally Posted by Jeff Almeyda. You would practice any exercise that incorporated that motion for 90 minutes non stop.

All times are GMT Sorry to bump a thread, but I’d really like some thoughts on this. For this, I would just spend a lot of time playing it half speed, then full speed, then as slow as you can bear to play it, and speed it up from there. General Discussion General discussion forum mabgini all drum related topics. Okay, that is my VERY long-winded answer to this question.